Monday, September 30, 2013

The Life I refuse To Live

Blood may drip, the sun may shine but darkness is what consumes me on the inside
Everyday its like i'm living in a trance filled with people telling me what to do and who I am
When in reality they've all lost themselves following in the footsteps of the people they hated, instead of their own
People project their own weaknesses and hatred of themselves not realizing that the blood that drips is my own
But at the end of the day they go their own way and leave me speechless because I have no words for their actions
But when I try to be myself and not like everyone else they always give the same reaction
So the reflection I see in the mirror is someone i don't know anymore as I slowly lose myself to their afflictions
I'm bound to die as the person they wanted me to be when I should've turned that mirror inward

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